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The Dean’s Office has the following responsibilities:-
+ To facilitate registration and admission of Students into residence at the College. In this responsibility, the Office is assisted by 10 Wardens (5 males and 5 females) representing the ten (10) hostels at the College to ensure that the welfare of Students is adequately catered for. Furthermore, Wardens are responsible for reporting all repairs that need to be done to the infrastructure at the Hostels. The repairs include but are not limited to:- electrical, plumbing, doors and door handles.

1. The Office takes care of the health needs of Students. Students’ health is key for successful learning. The Students’ Affairs section works hand in hand with the nurse to make sure that students’ health is attended to. In this regard, Students are encouraged to report ailments and medical conditions which need attention with their respective Wardens to ensure that they are attended to as speedily as is possible.

2. It facilitates the selection of the Students Representative Council (SRC). The Students’ Affairs section works with the SRA to facilitate the voting of the SRC intooffice. It is important to note that there is also a Minister for the Special Needs who has to be elected by the same category of students. The SRC Constitution is also reviewed by this same body.

3. This Office supervises the administration of catering for students. The Dean together with the Students’ Representative Council drafts the meal plan to be followed and this is done in liaison with the College Administration. Great care is taken to ensure that there is balanced diet, nutritional value adequacy whilst putting into consideration the cost of meals.

4. The Office reviews reports of Student misconduct cases that require disciplinary action to ensure that recommendations conform to Belvedere Technical Teachers College and Ministry policies.

5. Counsels or advises individuals and groups on matters pertaining to personal problems, educational and vocational objectives, social and recreational activities and financial matters. This is done in connection within the college counsellors.

6. Directs and coordinates student programs in the college and/ outside. Within the college, the students’ affairs make sure the spiritual welfare of students is catered for, by communicating to the administration so that the various religious groups can have free time to worship. This is done with the help of the scripture union .the section also works with the college sports director in promoting students’ talent in sport. Members of the students’ affairs section mostly work long hours and stay at their workplaces.