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  Registration and Accommodation for term 3
  All students are required start registering for third term from 21 August to 3 September 2018. Failure of which will attract a fine of $10.00 for late registration. Only students with no tuition fees arrears will apply for accommodation. Those who apply for accommodation will only pay the required fees (accommodation fee) after they have been billed for accommodation. DO NOT PAY FOR ACCOMMODATION BEFORE YOU CHECK IF YOUR APPLICATION IS SUCCESSFUL. Your application is only successful when you are billed for accommodation. So please do not move into the rooms before you check the status of your account.

Date Posted:21August2018


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  Graduation 2018
  Graduation will be on 16 August 2018. Rehearsals are compulsory on Wednesday 15 August.

Date Posted:31May2018


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  Register online via Student Portal
  Please register online via Student Portal

Date Posted:19April2018


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  Our new Website
  We have a new website.

Date Posted:17April2018