Campus Activities Board

CAB is responsible for planning, promoting and implementing a wide variety of activities on campus for all Belvedere Technical Teachers College students. Events include bands, comedians, participatory events, a movie series, and a variety of other interesting venues. See more Campus Activities >>

 Clubs & Associations

Belvedere Technical Teachers College student clubs range from the academic (art, biology, chemistry, pre-law, pre-health, physics) to ethnic, environmental, gender issues, political, religious, athletic, cultural, and international relations clubs.

 Counselling Services

The Belvedere Technical Teachers College Counselling Service supports the academic mission of the College by providing crisis intervention and short-term counseling services to students encountering psychological problems that could interfere with their academic progress.

 Health Services

Belvedere Technical Teachers College Health Services offers many services directed at education and wellness, as well as to assist students when they are injured or sick.

 Organization Leadership

The department of Student Life is excited to offer you and your fellow campus leaders the opportunity to grow your organization through group and personal development.

 Residence Life

As anyone will tell you, some of the most important lessons you’ll ever learn take place living on campus in the residence halls. After all, this is your home for the majority of your years at Belvedere Technical Teachers College. Here’s where you learn about sharing space and ideas, making and enforcing rules, taking care of yourself and others all with a fully trained residential life staff to back you up.

 Student Assembly

The Student Assembly is the representative body of the students of Belvedere Technical Teachers College. Student Assembly is and will continue to be the chief student organization that actively advocates for students in campus issues and genuinely seeks to affect positive change by encouraging communication and involvement.

 Student Publications

The BTTC Observer, Belvedere Technical Teachers College’s student-run newspaper is published regularly online.

 Student Wellness Programs

Wellness is a lifestyle that assists the individual to achieve a high level of well-being by integrating body, mind, and spirit. Belvedere Technical Teachers College encourages students and employees to participate in programs, activities, and services that impact their wellness and the wellness of the Belvedere Technical Teachers College community.